Product: Designer, Maker, Thinker

I'd like to share a project that has been in the works for the past 8 months. I've always been inspired by a lot of talented creatives out there. We have an Inspiration blog at Skinny Vinny, but we'd like to delve a little deeper and share with you the individuals that inspire us. We'd like to introduce to you a new series called, Designer, Maker, Thinker. In this series we will acquaint you with talented individuals via unconventional interviews. I'm not really sure in what forms these unconventional interviews will take on yet, so stay tuned.  

To kick off the series, we've designed a set of Designer Maker Thinker pins. We've teamed up with the talented designer and branding genius Lauren Sheldon to create these. As creators we are all designers, makers and thinkers. The element that ties us together: Fire. It is the spark at the moment of inspiration and the passion that drives us. 

Designers: Strike a balance of form and function.
Makers: Crafting strong foundations.
Thinkers: The spark ignites conception.
These set of pins are now available in our shop.

Vincent Lai
Vincent Lai