PRODUCT: SKINNY VINNY for Konzepp, Chusan Tote & Nyssa Tote.

We are very excited to finally introduce to you two bags that has been in the works for quite some time. We joined forces with one of our favorite international retailers over in Hong Kong. This special collaboration with Konzepp was a year in the making. The Chusan Tote and the Nyssa Tote is made with carefully selected materials and handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York with the utmost care and attention to detail. We've worked together with Konzepp from their inception and we are so happy to see them grow from one brick and mortar store to two more locations. We hope you enjoy what we’ve created.

The Nyssa Tote is made of heavy duty canvas for constant use. This unconventional bag has multiple pockets on the inside and the outside for convenience. The Chusan Tote is made of heavy duty canvas paired with fine genuine leather. Interior for both bags are lined with a limited edition tropical print. No two bags are the same, variation and that special level of human touch is guaranteed.

Available only at Konzepp in 2 color-ways.




Vincent Lai
Vincent Lai