What's In Your Skinny Vinny?

Stephen / San Francisco, CA

"Headphones, sketchbooks, pens, laptop, Camera(s), iPhone, keys, ploom (sometimes)"

First Name: Stephen
Which SV bag you own/carry: Rucksack
When did you get it?: Earlier this year, maybe Jan. or Feb?
Occupation: Designer
Location: San Francisco
Twitter: @wonkycube

"SV bag is awesome. I carry it to work everyday and sometimes for weekend outings. It holds everything I want and more!"

Chris / New York

"(my every day bag while in Paris) Brooklyn Industries Sweatshirt, Impossible Polaroid Film, Marist fitted hat, Polaroid Spectra Camera, Nikon d7100, money clip, eye glasses, keys, Pentax 35mm, iPhone, Passport, Moleskine, "This Is Our Youth" by Kenneth Lonergan"

Name: Chris H.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Cattley 
When did you get it?: 2012
Occupation: Writer/ Photographer
Location: New York
Twitter: @skinnyboybalki
Instagram: skinnyboybalki

"Vinny has an incredible eye for design and detail. I'm always impressed with what he creates."

Tylea / Brooklyn, NY

" Holstee Alpaca Glovelettes, notebook, pencil, lotion, Altoids, Ahkun wallet, The Land at the End of the World by Antonio Lobo Antunes. "

Name: Tylea R.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Extra special sample :) ( not-released)
When did you get it?: August 2012, at the Sample Sale
Occupation: Production Coordinator, Holstee
Location: Brooklyn, NY 

"I love the navy blue and the yellow together, and the unique shape! "


"15" Macbook Pro, Sunglasses, Warby Parker Glasses, Rough Guide to China, Wallet, Keys, Bike Lock, Bike Lights, Fujifilm X-Pro 1, iPhone "

Name: Veronique L.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Linden
When did you get it?: 2010
Occupation: Film Industry
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @veropie

" I've found that Skinny Vinny's Linden is the most versatile as an every day bag for my work needs and my after work activities. The pockets inside and out as well as the hidden side zipper pocket (perfect for keys!) makes it easy to find my smaller items. It also doubles as a great beach bag!"
October 05, 2012

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"keys, pen, Chapstick, phone, migraine medicine, headphones, work id, googly eye, watch, photobooth strip, pouch with essentials, stegosaurus, hippo port plug, wallet and gum."

Name: Emily T.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Koda
When did you get it?: 2009? maybe 2010?
Occupation: UX
Location: Brooklyn, NY

"The SV Koda construction in the canvas is a nice combination of sophisticated and casual. Perfect for all occasions!"

Lauren / Brooklyn, NY

"Macbook 15 inch, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, Kindle, Hiya Cold-brew teabag and bottle, camera, a smaller handbag, wallet, handkerchief, compact, Chapstick, lipstick, a folding fan and earbuds."

Name: Lauren S.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Ash
When did you get it?: 2010
Occupation: Designer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Twitter: @ladyparliament

"I always travel with my SV ash, be it a quick two day trip or a two week adventure. It's the perfect size to hold all my carry-on items and breeze through security. I usually carry a smaller purse within the bag for organization that serves as my handbag once I am at my destination."

Shu / Brooklyn, NY

2 books (I switch between junk and serious reading), planner, makeup bag, pig and stegosaurus pins, ram cuff (I love animal jewelry), sunglasses, wallet, Skinny Vinny holly bowtie (remnants of last night), business card holder and knot tying kit (to keep my hands busy on a long train rides).

Name: Shu X.
Skinny Vinny Bag: Sal Convertible Bag
When did you get it?: Summer 2010
Occupation: Project Manager
Location: Brooklyn, NY

"The 4 way convertibility makes the Sal the most used item in my closet. Now if only it could make me look 2 inches taller."