Film: Skinny Vinny- Behind the Brand


We invite you to watch our new film project which delves into a bit of our story. It's a glimpse into the brand and even though it was in the works for a while, we are thrilled we can now show and share with you our passion. We have worked with many amazing and talented people these past few years and this project is no different. This project would not have happened without these great people. I hope you enjoy. [ Also, scroll down to see some behind the scenes photos of the making of this film. We're goof balls if you didn't know already. ] 


Directed/ Produced by SPH

Producer- Veronique Lee

Director of Photography- Kohta Asakura

Editor- Jimmy Sakai

Sound- Kohta Asakura, Nikolai Antonie, Jimmy Sakai

Additional Camera- Jimmy Sakai, Nikolai Antonie

Title Design- Nikolai Antonie, Courtney Kotsionis

Color Correction- Nikolai Antonie

Music- Shenandoah and the Night

Audio Mix- Fritz Myers

Special Thanks

SPH- Kohta Asakura, Nikolai Antonie, Jimmy Sakai

Holstee- Dave Radparvar, Mike Radparvar, Fabian Pfortmüller

Teich- Allison McGowan Teich, JJ McGowan

Parliament of Owls- Lauren Sheldon

Skinny Vinny- Nancy Yim, Uncle B. ( Garden loacation host)

Behind the Scenes

Vincent Lai
Vincent Lai