Product: Rowen Backpack

We’d like to introduce to you the Rowen. It’s the first Skinny Vinny backpack and we’re quite proud of this one. We’ve been working on a backpack for a while now and we’ve finally gotten it to a place where we are really excited about it. The Rowen was completed earlier this year, but we haven’t released it yet because we wanted to do some solid user testing with it. Earlier this year, I took a month long trip to Asia. I traveled back and fourth between Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. I took the Rowen with me and it was my trusted companion through-out my trip. We’ve encountered rain, snow and all the annoying trials airport security threw at us.

On a daily basis on that month long trip, the Rowen was packed with,

-2 cameras

-Multiple rolls/packs of film


-Travel guides



-Various chargers for my gadgets

-Snacks of all kinds

-Gloves, hat, a huge scarf


-Toiletry case

-My travel portfolio (passport and currency)

(Below is a photo of the Rowen and I in Tokyo taken by Axiom Magazine)

The Rowen is composed of heavy duty canvas. Fully lined interior with 2 open pockets and a laptop pocket. Exterior has a front zipper pocket. Available in Blue/Fawn, Black/Gray and Black/ Gray-Plaid. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY in limited quantities. [ 12" x 6" x 17" ]

Pick on up at our online shop.