No. 20 / Fall 2012

Our Fall 2012 mix is finally finished. When we make our mixes, we compile all of our favorite songs we've been listening to into a playlist. Then we spend weeks replaying the mix and eliminating ones that don't really work well together. The mixes are highly curated and with this Fall mix, there is a nice collection and the order of the songs creates a nice ebb and flow. ( I hope)

The album art is a photo taken with my phone during a weekend stroll in Park Slope. It's still early in the season so the leaves haven't changed color yet.

No. 20 / Fall 2012 track-list:
Frank Ocean - Lost
Sarah Jaffe - Glorified High
Reptar - Orifice Origami
Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover
Tune-Yards - Powa
Andrew Bird - Eyeoneye
KO KO - Float
Jessica Jalbert - Swingin' Party
Tennis - My Better Self
Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
Advance Base - New Gospel
Sera Cahoone - Deer Creek Canyon
Big Scary - Thinking About You
Dry The River - Weights & Measures
Foxes - White Coats
jj - Beautiful Life

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Note: This mix-tape is for preview purposes. If you like what you hear, please support these amazing independent artists by purchasing their music.

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